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Mission Statement

I love localThe mission of the Lancaster Market is to provide a variety of high quality, locally grown food and handcrafted products to the Town of Lancaster and its neighbors.

The Lancaster Market makes Lancaster a better place to live, work, do business, and visit by providing many distinct benefits for consumers, farmers, businesses and the community.


2011 put the Lancaster Market on the map

  • House of Representative Recognition from Kathy Hochul awarded to Ann Jordan for her community service in Lancaster
  • Award Winner from Ball Discover You Can Summer Project. June First place, July Second Place, September First Place

The Lancaster Market benefits consumers by:

  • Offering a wide variety of the freshest, finest quality, locally grown fruits, and vegetables harvested in season, and other locally produced products, that are naturally more flavorful and nutritious at a fair price
  • Providing formal and informal educational opportunities for students and the public about: nutrition and cooking; gardening; local weather, environment and history; and making better choices for healthful, responsible living

The Lancaster Market benefits local businesses by:

  • Keeping food dollars circulating locally
  • Attracting visitors, new residents and new businesses by improving quality of life and the image of  Lancaster in this region and beyond

The Lancaster Market benefits local farmers by:

  • Providing an efficient, convenient and cost effective means of directly marketing quality produce at a fair and sustaining price
  • Facilitating the development of a loyal and permanent customer base that appreciates the value of independent farmers’ work and way of life
  • Promoting the preservation of our local farmland and farming heritage and supporting sustainable, environmentally responsible agriculture

The Lancaster Market benefits the community by:

  • Reducing the negative environmental impact and food quality, safety, and security issues associated with the large-scale industrialized food system
  • Partnering with schools, institutions, organizations and government to further common goals
  • Creating a venue for local groups, businesses, and non-profit organizations to interact with the community
  • Providing positive and welcoming environment for community social interaction, entertainment, artistic expression and public speech
  • Improving the quality of life and sense of community in Lancaster by creating a place for families and neighbors to enjoy being together

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